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Re: c reality

>Running down the Spirit doesn't do C-R any favours and vice-versa.

I didn't mean to "run down" the spirit, but I've noticed lately alot of 
"emperor's new clothes" type of chat about how great spirit is, markedly 
from more colorist than engineer....   and I have also noticed a touch of 
ridicule toward people beginning to implement C-reality.  

Yes, spirit is exciting use of LIMITED technology.
It reminds me of the people who bought 486pc's thinking that they were 
set for life....well  surprise.  5 years later the machine is obsolete,  
(keeping with the metaphore...)  why not buy a Mac?  More flexible,   
and pretty much guaranteed to still be usable in 10 years.

D. Chapman

"Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?" .....the rubiayat of omar