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Some career advice if possible....

Dear all, I'm hoping for a little advice for job seeking, so here
I work in the post production dept. of a large production company (making
exclusively commercials) in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently an
assistant, not a fully qualified post producer - right now I have
sufficient experience to coordinate  small projects by myself - these
consist entirely of what we call adaptations, which is basically making
scandinavian versions of foreign produced ads (ie, making new pay-offs,
packshots, sound mixes, the odd bit of Flame work etc etc). I have also
been involved, as a post-producer's assistant, on a number of full
productions which involved the full monty, as it were - of shooting,
telecine, Flame etc etc - so of course I do know my way around those
processes to a certain extent, and I would reckon to feel more or less
ready to take on a project as a post producer in maybe a year's time.
My quandary is this:
I wish to move back to London and continue my career in post production. I
know that one way in which I could do this would be to start in bookings in
a facility house, and I do have one or two contacts - but that would be in
facility houses who almost exclusively do advertising. And whilst that
would be a great way to keep my learning curve steep, my aim is actually to
work in the features/documentary end of film (dream on, I hear you cry?!).
Are there facility houses which maybe do more of that kind of work as
opposed to commercials? Or would the best way to be to apply to film
production companies who have a post production dept. and see if that bears
any fruit? Or is there any other way at all??!

I hope you will forgive this very personal mail, but I am just desperate to
get some feedback and what better place to start than the TIG?!

Please mail back to my private address if anyone has any ideas.

Many thanks, 

Ruth Greenberg.