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RE: sony telecine request

We got a pretyt good look at it; here are some impressions:

1. Uses intermittent motion gate (sounds like the Bell & Howell
16mm projector from 8th grade science class!)  This is practical because
the imager is a field array CCD camera head.  Thus, the TK has loads of 
time to move and position the film.  Sprockets are quite a bit smaller
than the perf, so very little stress is put on the perf; the idea is to 
get the frame in the gate, the positional corrections are handled by

2. Uses capacitive sensors for H & V position sensing of perf.  Sends
compensation signals to small movable glass blocks for positional
correction.  Glass blocks use property of refractive index to "move"
a parallel beam sideways.  One for H and one for V.

3. "Shutter" is really an additive light stream made up of 3 independent
RGB light valves split and recombined with dichroics, followed by 1 overall 
exposure light valve.  I think this was covered in some detail on the TIG
in the past.  Combined light then goes to integration sphere.

4. Uses 1920x1080 field array 3-chip "camera" head for imaging.  I gotta 
say, the output pix didn't look so hot, kind-a noisy, but I will refrain
from bashing the pix quality because there were too many variables in this
demo (colorist, film condition, etc)  but I will say that the prototype
units at Sony in Culver City looked pretty good when I saw them a couple
of years ago, and I think it's the same camera (Itsugi).

I got the feel that this was very much an electronic lab "printer" more
than a TK.  The RGB additive light source is probably going to be quite
easy for a timer to get his/her hands around... maybe even easier than 
for us PEC bangers.  Real nice way to handle primary CC.

Looks like it has potential for long form or lab back end.  Not a "poor
man's Spirit", but maybe a good machine for people who need easy-to-use
HD transfer, like those who own libraries (hey, it did come out of Sony
Pictures, right?) but don't necessarily want to go through great expense
to outfit and man (engineer) a full TK department.

Architecture (the image compensators) seem to have potential for data
scans in the future (they had nothing to say about this yet, except
"watch this space".)

Oh by the way, a DUI was controlling it, I think (I got so involved in the
machine I forgot to look).

They declined to comment on price, but did say they expected to finish and
deliver sometime around 99 Q1.


On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 10:50:31 -0400  Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>I saw the following in the 'NAB an animus' page:
>> So, please, for those of us who couldn't attend NAB, please tell us
>> all about the new Sony telecine. Does it still use an intermittent and
>> a shutter, or has it changed?

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