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The Ursa Gold at SMA is fitted with Meta-Speed, Twigi, RTS Gates, 
Teleshade Filter, etc. Except for the Pack-Rite Rollers, the new 
paint job and 4 fans. We, and our clients regard this Ursa as a 

Now, on to the test.....

When Eli and Billy informed me that they thought that the best way to 
compare the Ursa and the Spirit was to use tk primaries only without 
noise reduction, I was slightly bemused. I observed after the test 
that they were operating the Spirit in a mode that is often used with 
clients in regular sessions i.e. without noise reduction. 

The only instance in which noise reduction is not used with the Ursa 
is when they are transferring film that will be ultimatte 
composited in house: the normal way we approach these jobs is to 
noise reduce the ultimatte output, not the Ursa. In every other 
circumstance, unless the client has absolutely demanded no noise 
reduction, we use the noise reducer. We have to, in order to make 
pictures that are acceptable for commercial work.

Noise reduction in telecine work is just a fact of life....either for 
technical reasons (Improving the signal to noise ratio) or creative 
reasons (make the product pop out from the background).

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