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transformania 1

  First I would like to thank Dave,Mike,Alan,Eli&Billy for
there time and hospitality. It was great to see such a good
turn-out for this demo.

  On to some observations:

1- I'm not sure if Eli was using masking during the diamond
demo.Eli corrected all the film brought by all the colorists
using primary correction only.All images were transferred to
D-1 so we could compare images on the Spirit. No noise reducer
was used for the demo.

2- I brought negative that I recently worked on in which certain
scenes were overexposed. All these scenes were transferred two ways.
First we let the film run using base mem. settings (no correction).
The second pass Eli corrected to compensate for the overexposed
image. When this was done on the diamond,the hi-lites were noisey.
Someone had brought some green screen film which had alot of dirt
and scrathes. Also IP was used which was good for all to see.

3- After we finished in the Diamond room we moved on to the Spirit.
Prior to attending this demo I was hearing and reading on the TIG
of how film put up on the Spirit was already there with little
tweaking needed. I was suprised to see that the overexposed film I
brought was coming up on the Spirit the same way as on the Diamond
using base-mem settings. This dispelled the theory of minimal tweaking.
Eli then corrected for the overexposure and did a split-screen for us.
The big difference here was the resolution on the Spirit was better
than that on the Diamond as well as the image being less noisey in the
hi-lites. One thing we all observed when other film was being corrected
was that everything seemed to come up more washed out on the Spirit until
John Dowdell helped us out. John told us that it is very important to set
the light output on the Spirit before doing any correcting. When this
was done images looked much better. Blacks and mid-tones were much
deeper for a more theatrical look.
Another intersting observation was when the green screen film was up on
the Spirit. All the scrathes and dirt were almost gone.This is because of
the Spirits diffused light source.

In coming away from the demo my observation is that good film on both
systems will look good  and that bad film still needs to be worked with
on both systems. I think that both systems provide good images.

John Bonta
Manhattan Transfer
545 5th Ave.