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Re: Transfomania


You have claimed:  

"The Ursa Gold at SMA is fitted with Meta-Speed, Twigi, RTS Gates, 
Teleshade Filter, etc. Except for the Pack-Rite Rollers, the new 
paint job and 4 fans. We, and our clients regard this Ursa as a 

I was going to refrain from any comment on Transfomania but now I just
cannot.  Without some sort of antialiasing option (Scand'al or ClrView) you
and your clients have no valid reason to consider your URSA as described
above as a Diamond.  The addition of either one of those systems is the
major improvement -and distinction- of the URSA Diamond over the URSA Gold.

Also, I thought the point of your "shoot-out" was to help the participants
form an opinion on how best to utilize their respective telecines.  As
such, it would have been quite appropriate to outfit each machine with any
and all add-on improvements that could accomplish that goal.  Thus I would
have expected to see a true URSA Diamond connected to a decent noise
reducer and color corrector.  That configuration should then have been put
up against the Spirit in whatever configuration gives it its optimal image.
 Apparently that did not happen here.

Frankly, when dealing with 525/625 images, I know for a fact that both of
these systems (Spirit and Diamond plus appropriate support) are capable of
-and deliver- excellent and spectacular images.  (I can now speak from
experience as we have both an URSA Diamond and a Spirit on-line in our

It would have been nice to have shown both of these systems off in their
very best "light".



Neil B. Feldman
President, Video Post and Transfer, Inc.
neilfeld at imsnet.net