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I've been reading with great interest the posts regarding the
Spirit/Ursa Gold test at SMA Video.  The more I read the more I come to
the conclusion that the test was enlightening, but the results were
fairly subjective.

It did seem a little unfair to compare a new machine like the Spirit to
an Ursa Gold with some age on the tube.  It would probably have been a
little more balanced had the Cintel machine been newer.  Both machines
seemed to have their strengths and weaknesses, with the Spirit coming
out a little ahead when all the scores were counted.  I've also heard a
great deal about the Spirit's lack of drift and reliability on a day by
day basis.  

I'm sure that an Ursa Diamond with proper masking and noise reduction
can produce and image from the same film that rivals the Spirit.  The
problem with all comparisons like these is that it's really impossible
to completely remove all the variables from the equation, like the type
of clients a given facility has, and the costs of purchasing,
maintaining, and operating the different machines versus the rates you
can charge.  One thing that can definitely be concluded is that they are
both fine machines, and as long as there is a competitive environment in
telecine manufacturing, they will both continue to improve.

Phil Voss