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Dave Satin wrote.......

>The Ursa Gold at SMA is fitted with Meta-Speed, Twigi, RTS gates,
Teleshade Filter, etc. Except for the Pack _Rite Rollers, the new paint job
and 4 fans. We, and our clients regard this Ursa as a Diamond."

What about Scandal or Diamond Clear?

Sorry Dave correct me if I am wrong,  but I always understood that either
the Scandal or Diamond Clear antiailising systems constituted a major and
arguably the most important part of the Ursa Gold to Diamond upgrade. You
do not list this in your specs and if it is not included I cannot see how
either you or your clients can claim it to be an Ursa Diamond?

In the interests of a fair and objective comparison would it be possible
for you to please list the configuration of the Spirit and also the ages of
the two telecines. In this way perhaps we can then put the valuable
feedback from the observers into perspective.

Alan Mcilwaine
Quinto Communications