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Re: Transformania (geometry)

Err, are we talking hight against width?  Cos if its that, its easy to
fix, if
its something please be more clear as I used to run a MK 111 Jumpscan
back in
1981 and Geometry had a whole different meaning then :-)

(those of you too young to remember, them were the days!)

Care to comment Mr.Satin??

Ken (ex jumpscan) Robinson

bob at bluescreen.com wrote:

> >The first thing I noticed, was that the "GEOMETRY" was different
between the
> >two machines. One of the Machines had a decided thinning effect on
the image
> >compared to the other.
> This was, to me, the most interesting comment posted to date, and the
> with great potential for far reaching repercussions.
> Will overweight stars now insist their footage be done on the rig that

> makes them look thinner?
> Anyone else notice this or care to comment?

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