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Re: Re: Transformania (geometry)and more.

In a message dated 02/05/1998 12:03:03, you wrote:

<<I used to run a MK 111 Jumpscan
back in
1981 and Geometry had a whole different meaning then :-)>>

I used the term Geometry, because it seemed to fit very well with what I was
seeing. Actually ELI, the Colorists used it first when he did a wipe to
compare the image of the two machines. I think there was more going on than
just a slight stretching, but I was assured by the colorists there that
distortions could be introduced or prevented, or even Matched.
	Something else I noticed, however it may not have been real, only the result
of staring at the the Picture monitor too long in the still mode.
THe URSA seemed to have a very slight hot spot centered in the image, it
seemed to be circular with a radius of about one quarter horizontal screen
width. The Spirit seemed to have hot spots, smaller and not circular shaped
areas, I think around the 9:30 and around the 6:30 area. I really only noticed
this when looking at the picture in still mode, on the Barco Monitor. I don't
recall seeing it on the Monitor Eli was correcting off of, but I wans't
looking for it. The Barco monitor was set up with a line doubler ( I think)
someone else can state more clearly.
This may just have been my searching for something that wasn't there, when
looking at the same still image for a long time.
	Also I seem to remember the URSA's tube life as being mentioned at 17 months.
		I still think that it was a great day, and a great comparison. Of course it
was a subjective comparison, I don't think it was planned to be definitive.
Whenever I shoot stock tests, I'm always coming up with something else I want
to test. I thought the planof not using Secondaries was to get closer to an
APPLES to APPLES test ( as someone else said), to just evaluate the machines
themselves. As someone put it, there is no wet gate for the spirit, because it
wouldn't improve it's scratch hiding capabilities. So the Spirit handles
Scratches better than an URSA without Wet gate. That's a fair comparison. If
you want to see which SYSTEM is better for scratches without doing digital
scratch removal, then you would need to compare the Spirit to an URSA with a
WET gate. The fact of the matter is, even if everyones requirements had been
met, and we had taken all the time necessary to compare every aspect. I still
think it would have been subjective. Some people I know produce technically
precise photos, however that doesn't necessarily make them better than an
improperly exposed photo. I thought it was informative (from where I sat) and
enjoyed actually seeing the differences between the two images. Perhaps not
definitive, but still a nice comparison.
Steven ( ugggh, can I be more long winded) Gladstone