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Telecine on ENR

I reply to the group as this may interest some others. ENR is a
controllable bleach bypass process,you can ENR at 30, 40, 60%, this is the
main advantage over BBP, in other terms you can leave part of the silver on
the print. I have recently done loads of ENR, it seems to be the new trend,
they are not always of good quality and well timed, so it is almost as much
work as on a negative (check it with your colorist). All the films I have
worked on, had effects, as the post is done on Fire, Flame or Henry,
steadiness is not a problem. I have never seen an ENR done after post, if
you think telecine on negative is absolutely necessary there are some
tricks to emulate the ENR look from negative, but it is important to come
with your ENR anyway (it can be a few scenes only) as the difficult part of
the job is to know what you are looking for, the rest is just matching,
however I never dissuade anyone to use an ENR and say the neg is better.

	JC Soret

> I would moreover be very interested to know if anyone has worked with it
> if there are any golden rules one should be aware of when one telecines
> ENR processed positive, etc. EG - what is best if it is a film which
> involves alot of computer effects?