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Tranfomania - My two cents

Not withstanding the anticipated, and demonstrated, differences between the
two telecines, I felt that one of the most telling aspects of a hi-res
acquisition device like the Spirit was the clear degree of distinction between
similar colors.  I feel this must initially present a much more satisfying
image that is absent of problems such as the splotchy (sp?) patches of
pink/magentas and yellow/greens that are typically observed in fleshtone on
16mm, and to a lesser degree on 35mm.

Another item I found surprising was how easy it was to attain an acceptable
"companion" (note, I didn't say match) mix on the Gold (Diamond).  I think
that most clients (and this was backed up by the comments of a few others)
find the match (OK, I said it!) to the Spirit transfer quite acceptable.  And
although it requires an additive factor from our usual bag of tricks (noise
reduction, enhancement), I think that if these are judiciously applied the
image is quite acceptable.  I suppose that measured electronically, (or by one
of those evaluation services in Germany) there would be no comparison, but
even for someone more than a casual observer (most clients, for instance) an
Ursa Gold (Diamond) is still quite good.  What I look forward to is the Hi-Def
environment; I'll never forget my reaction at a Hi-Def demo, that it was like
looking out a window!  I just couldn't believe how clean and clear and sharp
the image appeared, as well as very pleasing constrast.  This was the the sort
of image that I was hoping to see coming off of the Spirit.  It's a really
good improvement, but while we are still stuck in this low-res world of
525/625 it still just doesn't seem like enough.

Tim Bond