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A Layman Comments

First off, I would like to thank everyone who attended Transfomania I 
once again for coming.  I am also glad to see all of the postings 
from both attendees and non-attendees as to the proceedings.  As a
relative layman (I know enough to get myself in a lot of trouble if 
I'm not careful) and a non-colorist who knows what he likes I figured 
I would throw my two cents into the ring (a privilege reserved for 
the guy who designed the name tags.)

Rob Lingelbach wrote in one of his postings "...  I'm reminded of 
1991, when the Ursa was taking hold in L.A., and the complaint out of 
New York City was "it shows too much of the film" --toomuch 
resolution; the MkIII was perceived as 'friendlier' to film..."

Well, I am reminded of the time I was working at Teletronics in 1978. 
 Having just come from Rombex Productions (now DuArt Video), then 
home of the Mk III Jumpscan machine #2, I inquired as to whether we 
were considering a Rank.  I was shown a letter written by George 
Gould that stated, and I paraphrase, "...There is no finer film to 
tape transfer device than the RCA TK 28 and we do not plan to
use any other telecine..."  Ahhh, the wonderful TK 28 and it's 
plumbicon tubes - rich mushy color, lack of definition in dark scenes 
and the ghostly lag inherent in your transfer (did wonders for those 
old Vincent Price movies.)  As head of On-Air QC at Showtime the 
following year, I tended to stick to EUE's TK 28 with saticon tubes - 
not as good color rendition, but much better resolution.  Nothing is 
for certain but death, taxes and change.

Well, enough history.  I think we made several points with 
Transfomania that sit as fact:
1. Most everybody has commented in one form or another that from the 
gate (no pun intended) the Spirit made better pictures.
2. Yes, it is possible to get an equivalent picture from an Ursa with 
enough tweaking and add ons.
3. Most important, the Spirit is still in its infancy.  I am sure 
that over the next few years tremendous improvements will be made.  
Plus, the Spirit is ready for High Definition now.  Proven.  This is 
a reality (again, no pun intended) that will affect all of us in the 
next few years.  Probably sooner from what I read.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love the Rank (can't get used to not calling 
it that.)  However, I also love my pre-CBS Fender Super tube amp,
great sound.  But it sure is nice to carry the lighter, solid state 
version to a gig. 


Alan B. Rosenfeld
General Manager
SMA Video
Fax 212.941.0439