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In a message dated 98-02-09 14:35:59 EST, Alan wrote

<< 3. Most important, the Spirit is still in its infancy.  I am sure that over
the next few years tremendous improvements will be made.   Plus, the Spirit is
ready for High Definition now.  Proven.  This is  a reality (again, no pun
intended) that will affect all of us in the  next few years.  Probably sooner
from what I read. >>

Wouldn't it also be fair to say that the Ursa Gold is a three-year-old update
on a ten-year-old redesign of a product that itself was then ten years old,
which in turn had been invented 20 years before that, etc., etc.  In other
words, not a HDTV machine, and never was.  What amazes me is not that the Ursa
didn't do quite as well in some subtle ways (according to most of the reports
from those who were there), but that it held its ground against a much
newer--and costlier--piece of equipment.

The real test will be when somebody is able to put a fully operational,
production version of C-Reality up for comparison against Spirit.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon