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Re: colorist, Barcelona, Spain

Jean Clement said:-

> > I'm amazed to see so many companies buying telecines without
> > thinking first of getting a good colorist then build together a
> > telecine department,

Rob Said:-

> There seems to be more opportunity than ever in telecine worldwide,
> if the frequency and volume of the TIG classified ads are an
> indication.

Further to what Rob said over the weekend, there are telecines being built
all over the world in places you would not believe , however these places
are building because there is a demand for the facility and the financiers
are happy that they will recover their money.    These places though are
not necessarily in countries that top end colorists  would prefer to go,
and as in most cases it is looked at as purely a financial investment in
order to service an area of the market, it is felt that by puchasing
industry standard equipment such as the Ursa Gold with either DaVinci or
Pogle that they will at least begin to show their potential clients that
they are serious about the work and will probably use local talent in the
mean while.

Tim Waller
Senior Colorist
Cutting edge
Brisbane, Australia