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Mike Orton has class

Mike Orton said:

> I'm still less than thrilled about having to register on web site to
> out whether or not it is associated with a company which has traded
>under its own name almost as long as I've been alive!
> As ever, I raise my glass to you all..
   I've got to tell you that one of the things that I enjoy most about
the TIG is some of the humor, wit and cynical comments from people like
Mike Orton. The banter that goes back and fourth is great!

Also a message to Rob. Because of your great efforts with the TIG this
past year you have our  pledge from Nice Shoes for a $400 contribution.
Reading the postings on the TIG is like hanging out with the best of the

best in our industry. Please keep up the great work.

This should be one hell of an NAB for all of us. Keep the transfer of
ideas and opinions flowing.

Howie Burch
Nice Shoes