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Re: class n'bash

Geez, Howie. Look at all those nice things you made that Mr. Chernoff say
about me! Does that mean to say the check's in the mail to *both* of you??

All seriousness aside... Amen to Howie's sentiments about NAB.
For the first time in 15 years in this industry, my crystal ball into the
Post future is so cloudy, its opaque.
What to do? Blow scads of cash on being an "early adopter" of the ATSC
standard du jour?

or:Wade into the wet concrete as the standards solidify, only to get stuck
in the wrong format, as the other standard gets cast in quick-setting

or:Sit on the sidelines and wait until everyone else has mopped up the
emerging (if it ever emerges) HDTV work, then dive in to the standard, only
to ding your head on the hardened concrete?

or: Abdicate completely from any responsible comment and mix metaphors like
they're a couple of Mai-Tais looking for a cocktail shaker.

What I have noticed is that many small manufacturers are getting a look-in:
the more risky ventures perhaps are now paying off. Looking around for
HD-capable gear, the Grass Valleys, Accoms, Abekases (Abekasi?) of this
world, are nowhere to be found. Instead, names like V.A.S. downconverters,
Y.E.M. serializers and D.V.S. disk recorders are names to conjure with. If
you dont believe it, try to find a 1080I/720P/D-1 capable video D to A
converter. Now for the first time, I find myself, along with many others,
I'm sure, looking seriously at the Panasonic D-5 recorder. I get it now:
*that's* what it's for!

A presence which I personally sorely miss is Alpha Image. Not only did
these guys throw far and away the *best* party at NAB, they also got right
down and dirty and set the standard for others to follow.
There really was nothing finer than trying to discuss the subtle points of
reconstructive 4:2:2 keying at 9:15am while under a thumping hammer of a
hangover, usually with Kevin Prince or Colin Ritchie, who you just knew
were themselves in even worse shape! Yeah, and we were all trying to
convince each other that the previous night's festivities had had no effect
at all.

Well it looks like Options and friends are once again going to step in and
make sure that the annual trek to Glitterville isn't a total waste of time.
I must say that I'm looking forward to getting trashed with all you film
nuts, while simultaneously copping all the dirt that's worth repeating, and
dishing some more out for good measure.

How about the alternative guide to NAB, Rob? All the parties worth
freeloading at, dates, times and locations...

For my money, Sunday evening has to be Quantel bash at Alexis Park for
starters. That's always a good see and be seen place, and great for
pre-show gossip.

OK, I've got you guys going... where's the SGI bash at? When's Discreet's
deal? Who else has a wine tasting/party/cocktail
The way I see it, we'll all be pounding the aisles 9 to 6, but after that,


Hugs to all (but Manly Man ones, of course)


P.S. to Howie.... now that's class!

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
|         Seneca. 8 B.C.- 65 A.D.                         |