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evergreen monitors again !

After digging through the archives i have found that many of you have
found the same problems that we have with evergreens. 
The one thing that isn't mentioned though, is the lack of stability of
the colour temp set ups over a period of time. We are finding that we
are regularly adjusting the evergreens. Even though the same trim
numbers are present from the previous set up, the colour has
changed..particularly in the blacks.
It's a constant battle..how often do we have to keep checking it to feel
secure that we are looking at the right thing. The 2011's (1911's in the
US) are pretty stable.
Manufacturer "S" (four letters,japanese) says that nobody has complained
about it before. 
Have any of you tig'ers experienced the same thing. (i hope all of you) 

Graham Collett