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Syncing In Real Time

To All,

Since December I have been joyfully working on a Spirit using the Aaton Indaw
2 prototype in conjunction with the Aaton Keylink with Instasync for  film
syncing.  The results have been great.  Syncing in real time!  Wow what a
concept...It really does work.
I use the Indaw to digitize all the field audio to a Jaz drive.  Then load the
Jaz drive into the Keylink.  No more worry about audio preroll, or tail
slates.  Audio locks instantly.

For Aatoncoded films the audio just tags along without the colorist having to
painfully find sync.  Obviously this leaves the colorist more time to
concentrate on the color grading of the film images.  

For those clients still using the digislate method, Indaw also allows real
time syncing.  Just shuttle from slate to slate to enter an event and type the
slates timecode in the Keylink Pass One mode.  Back the film up to the head of
the roll, enter Pass Two mode in Keylink and transfer film w/sync audio to
tape in real time..

I transferred film in Chicago for 16 years without syncing in the suite.
Moving to Henninger Baltimore, (God rest her soul) I found that syncing in the
suite in the Mid Atlantic was a common practice. What a shock...Rather slow
and painful, but an accepted practice. 

After painfully syncing with a Nagra and Dat for 2 1/2 years in Baltimore, I
used to dread syncing jobs.  Thinking there had to be a better way.  There is,
Aaton Indaw and Keylink with Instasync.  With this system I look forward to
syncing jobs..

I highly recommend this system to everybody that has to deal with audio
It is worth taking in the demo at NAB.  I look forward to taking delivery on
our Indaw 4 after NAB.

I am not paid by Aaton at all or any other manufacturer to endorese the
product.  I just wanted to express my opinion and share my experience with

Bob Sliga
Sr. Colorist
The Film & Tape Works  Chicago