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Re: RE>C-Reality at Rushes

Paul Grace <paulg at rushes.co.uk>
>>                      RE>C-Reality at Rushes                       26/3/98
>>Ok short update,
>>I'm building what I hope to be Europes finest Telecine suite

Paul, I'm glad you qualified your statement to Europe only, because as
everyone knows, I build the *world's* finest telecine suites!  Hope your
"shrine to telecine" doesn't lose sight of the engineering motto: "An
engineer is someone who can do for five bob, what any bloody fool can do
for a quid"

So, after those frequent visits to Cintel, we all now expect your next
posting to actually contain some information about the frigging *telecine*.
Couldn't help but notice that your stealth sales plugs managed to fly in
under Rob's Defence-Early-Warning advertising radar, in true RAF
"Dambusters" tradition.

Looking forward to "TOASTing" you at the Options booth.