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Re: Monitors & Y2000 bug

In a message dated 98-04-01 10:37:03 EST, Dennis asks:

<< What is the preferred monitor to use in a telecine suite? >>

Answer: Whatever customers expect to see (e.g. what the "monitor du jour" is
at other telecine facilities in your area).  This is not meant to "diss"
manufacturers, but there hasn't been a monitor made yet that is more than a
box of compromises.  They all have strong and weak points, so the industry
tends to concentrate on a particular one for a few years, until another one
with a better strong-to-weak ratio comes along and becomes the new "in"
monitor for a time.

<< Will the year 2000 be a problem for owners of the daVinci Classic or the 
FDL-60? >>

Answer: Only in that these venerable equipments will be two years older than
they are now!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon