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focus sheet (final) and $

focus sheet:

The Telecine Internet Group focus sheet is available, in final form,
on the web at:

(this is a 'dead-end' link; if you want the main TIG pages, go to
http://www.alegria.com/tig3, where there is a link to the focus sheet
in the News section)

Anyone on this group who doesn't have web access and would like to have
this document via email please let me know, I'll ship it to you
immediately.  In past years I've posted it on the mailinglist, but
with the membership close to 1000 it becomes more efficient to have it
picked up on-demand via the web.


The TIG is thriving to the point where it has to be transplanted into
a larger pot, before it gets root-bound.  I hate to ask for money, but
I'm not going to be able to pay for the net connection (a partial T1)
any other way.  If you haven't sent in a contribution recently, please
do, or visit the TIG fishbowl at the Options booth at NAB.  Many
thanks to those who have sent contributions.

--Rob (with thanks to Chris Bacon who inspired the final paragraph) :]

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