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Re: NAB Demonstrations

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998 15:18:39 -0700, you wrote:
>Except for those people coming through with a pre-existing
>chip on their shoulders (about 1 in 20), most people thought this was an
>interesting test.  It provoked further discussion and thought.  That, if
>nothing else, was the intent.
I agree it was an interesting demo, even if I was one of the 1 in 20 (I
didn't actually say anything, except "could you please move out of the way
so I can get a  close look at the monitors?"). I was really hoping to see a
demo of native footage, and am probably far too naive to understand how
political considerations could prevent their being shown when the footage
existed and was ready to go.

Frankly, I have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything being pushed by
Microsoft, since past experience has taught me that Microsoft is only
interested in technology that's "good enough" and benefits Microsoft.
Additionally, as I look around the area here and see the software running
on the machines, Microsoft controls or has enough of a say in how I work

This is a huge transition that's about to take place, and we're going to
have to live with it for a LOT of years, and personally I'm much more
interested in getting the best possible images rather than whether I can
watch TV on my computer monitor. If that turns out to be 720p, so be it.
But my guess is that interlaced video is easier to compress more fully, and
ultimately the holy grail of 1080p will be achievable with the current
bandwidth restrictions. I just hope it's soon enough to become the high-end

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