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anonymous grabbag

here are this week's postings to the anonymous webpage

no responsibility is taken by me or by anyone else for these views.
They may or may not be valid, so judge them carefully, if at all.


That Cinema Products thing, the CP TeleScaner (tm).  Pin register at
0-60 fps.  Basically a projector/camera like the Sony but using
mechanical pins inst ead of an electronic system.  Uses one of the
varations of the Sony variable col or lamphouse and a Sony HiDef
camera. Saw it pin at 24 fps and it seemed to work .  Like the Sony
x,y,z positoning is somewhat limited compared to a full telecin
e. Will shuttle film at up to 600 fpm for ffw/rwd. Quoting their
brochure "Intro ducing the future of film transfer".  I guess that
remains to be seen.
 - Saturday, April 11, 1998 at 07:21:28 (PDT)<hr>

Cintel & C-Reality: I guess it's "Deja Vu all over again" (apologies
to M r. Yogi Berra).  These "production units" were in far worse shape
than the intro duction of the first URSA's years ago.  And now they
come equipped with yet anot her pointless Color Corrector which is
apparently designed into the basic archit ecture of the machine.  You
can't even make the CC an option.

Sony: Coming along nicely.  At least they never implied that we would
be seeing a "production unit" at this show.  The sound of the film
transport clacking alo ng is kinda scary, though.  When they finally
are ready to ship, will it really be that much less expensive than the
Spirit?  What about doing zooms, pans, and rotation - mechanically?
Will that be as repeatable machine to machine (and ove r time) as the
Spirit?  And will flare really be an issue, as implied by the Phi
llips demo (because it is a frame array CCD, not a line)?  I guess we
will find out in a few months.

Philips: OK, OK, don't let this show go to your head.  Unless, that
is, it impr oves your head with a full RGB bandwith CCD pickup...

Cintel & Turbo 3D: As I recall, when URSA was first introduced, it was
the Unim edia Turbo ("one") which was the only product that Cintel
(called Rank back then ) could actually sell for the first year.  So,
it really is "Deva Vu all over, e tc." Only this time can the company
actually survive another year just on refurb ishing old MKIII's?  It
is amazing that there is still life in the old beasts.  However, I
would still wait a bit to see what the folks at Innovations, TK have
up their sleaves...
 - Saturday, April 11, 1998 at 07:15:44 (PDT)<hr>

Nice to finally have a place to post opinions.  Working for one of the
tel ecine manufacturers, I can never post on the TIG (a restriction
imposed by my em ployer).  Here are my short summaries of and
statements to each manufacturer.

Philips.  Bravo on your success.  The pix out of your machine are
definitely the best out of the Big 3.  I fear that your initial
success might fade as the comp ositing artists start to try to use
chroma sub-sampled HD elements that can't be perf registered.

Cintel.  When a runner is leading a foot race, he/she should never
turn his head and look back at who might be gaining on them.  Run

Sony.  For God's sake will your people please join the telecine
community?  (Wa s any Sony telecine representative at the Fun
Night?). You cannot labor in a vac uum and serve this community. I
think its a brilliant design, but Stop hiding be hind the curtain.

Thank you Rob and all TIG folk.  

P.S.  Will someone please talk about that Cinema Products thing?
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 13:41:12 (PDT)<hr>

$1.5M for a telecine?  $.55M for a color corrector?  Not to mention
the ot her goodies!  TDM (too damn much)!  Prices just GOTTA get real!
So don't be sur prised if we see new episodes of "Suddenly Sony".
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 10:31:47 (PDT)<hr>

Yes it's true the t3hd completly blew away the c-reality. I happened
to be standing in the booth when the same scene was on both ranks. The
snap and the depth of the t3 was more like the spirit.If this is what
the creality is going to look like just forget it. Go with the
t3.Great pictures and you don't have to go broke. When the new
framesore for this beast is done it wi ll make it untouchable for bang
for the buck. Lastly DaVinci EDWIN finallt works but some really
serious money. Is it worth it? All in all a pretty good show. There
seemed to be more oranization than in p revious years.
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 09:40:33 (PDT)<hr>

The Cintel booth reminded me of the crew arranging deck chairs on the
Titanic...just before it went under.

Wonderfull anon forum Rob.
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 09:30:57 (PDT)<hr>

Yes, the C-Reality was not all it should have been, but the early BTS
and Phillips offerings were not as well. What was there is the
potential for a dynam ite tranfer device. I think it has more
potential than the DataCine.

The most impressive machine was the Turbo HD 3d. WOW! for the money
and performa nce it puts the Spirit and the C-Reality to shame and
facility owners don't have to have a sudden public stock offering to
afford it. For the day to day work of producing HDTV telecine features
and TV episodic, the choice is simple. Equal p erformance at half the
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 08:43:50 (PDT)<hr>

Well, Cintel I guess you dunnit again....  Is this going to be the
USRA re peat from the early 90's?????  I think that you owe an
explanation to many peopl e as to why you put machines on the stand
that were absolutely not ready to show , what a let down.  There were
many people who had hung out for the C-Reality an d may be now are non

Competition is not only a good thing, but absolutely needed, so kindly
get your act together and get the machine into something that will
actually give the Spir it a run for the money.

Work hard and good luck.
 - Thursday, April 09, 1998 at 00:35:14 (PDT)<hr>

So, please, for those of us who couldn't attend NAB, please tell us
all ab out the new Sony telecine.  Does it still use an intermittent
and a shutter, or has it changed?
 - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 23:26:28 (PDT)<hr>


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