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NAB reflections


I'll step up to the NAB plate and take a swing.

Thumbs up:

Pandora MegaDef. Yon know for the longest time I have never
really been able to grasp the concept of Pandora's layering. This
year with the MegaDef widget, it became very clear. This simple
window showed all six active power windows and their placement in
the raster, as well as vector manipulation, gamma curve, and
channel priority. Pandora is clearly in the forefront in the
hidef color arena. I hope my boss sees this.

Philips Spirit. Not much more to add here except the upstairs
suite demo with colorists John Dowdell and Mick Vincent was a god
damn revival meeting. Praise the lord John...I have seen the
light, and it is xenon.

Projection displays. At the Sands, I was stunned by the image
integrity of large projection displays. It's only a matter of
time 'till we are all working with advanced configurable images
of incredible height and dimension. Huge contrast ratios.

daVinci. That still store browser is sweet. The best part is that
I understand its free with release 4 under the software service
agreement. Two years ago still management and DDR caching was an
ethernet disaster. Today's serial control looks quite good. Now I
can bill for that Sierra Quick Frame DDR sitting idle, every time
I ping pong a shot for multi-windowing.

1080P! Aim for the top.

SGI phantom transfer engine. Wow, a pin reg, scalable resolution,
controlling engine that was simple to use and works out of the

Thumbs Down:

daVinci. I didn't understand why they showed a 2k demo that
wasn't a demo, but words and images that didn't relate. Why were
they running film that didn't do anything to augment the
described features? The 2k DUI was interesting but why use an X
display manager if you're windows and widgets don't adhere to
X11R6 rules? EDWin's turbo key channel didn't do it for me. Six
channels of articulated power windows would. 500k for a 2k? Nice
booth though!

Cintel. I wish I would have seen the 525/626 machine first.
Seeing the Hidef C-Reality first really ruined it for me. It was
hard to take anything seriously after seeing that. I wish I could
say that the image knocked me out. That RAF vintage CC desk was
crashing more than my teenage daughter's car.

Kodak test films. Everyone was using the same Kodak supplied show
film. I've got to think that when shopping for a high resolution
image we could incorporate some other scenes with flat gray
areas, varied color, int/ext, day/night,  and resolution
responses. The camera manufacturers know how to show the stuff.
Honestly, Lynette at the Kodak booth was the only one coaxing and
attractive image out of these films, and her side of the booth
was in broad isle light!

Las Vegas. Really, who can compare images in a bright convention
center floor. I swear its like working in a hornets nest. I guess
an upstairs suite is for those who have the stuff to show.

Naturally, I haven't received any compensation from anyone on
this list...yet.

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Director of Advanced Imaging    festa at encorevideo.com
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