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Re: an animus

On Apr 10,  2:06, jpb wrote:
} Subject: Re: an animus

> And, after reading the first anon NAB page I thought you could CC it 
> --and the coming ones-- to the group,
> for those who still don't enjoy a Netscape 3-up level browser.
> --jp   alias jdv

peut-etre weekly... 

'an animus' was the best I could do for a pun on 'anonymous';

by the way, it was very nice to meet you and I appreciate the time you
spent with me JP.  I may someday come and visit you in
Grenoble.. though this year it looks like my wife may go to Europe
without me.

tomorrow morning the bigger pipe will be connected to the servers here,
hopefully all will go smoothly.

It was also nice to meet Danys finally ...though I'm sorry I couldn't
spend more time with him.


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