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Sony BVM Series Monitors

To All:

Recently someone asked about the latest Software Rev number for the Sony
Evergreen Series of monitors.  I wonder if the Stupid name Evergreen
ever completly go away....by now Sony should understand that you should
never associate the word green with a color monitor..oh well!

What is the latest software Rev.....?  And more importantly does it work
and does the documentation match the software?

Also I understand that Sony introduced a newer series of monitors called
the G series.  Are they to replace the F series?  Are they abandoning
the monitors even before they get them working properly?  Come on
Sony....get the monitors fixed.  The pictures out of telecine are no
better than the monitors.  You made your name on two main
products...Monitoring with the Trinitron tube (Tekronix invention and
patent) and with ENG. And look what has happened with ENG....YOU LOST
And you could lose the monitor market too.

Sony .....You read these postings...defend your self...What is happening
with your monitors?   It has been three years....More than enough time.

Regards, Bill....and I did not post this to the anon pages....

Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprocketdig.com	v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital	Burbank,CA		f.818-566-4477

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