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CP TeleScanner

The anonymous NAB ventilation page
(http://www.alegria.com/tig3/anonNAB.html) contains a paragraph about
the Cinema Products 'CP TeleScanner'.  I'll reprint it here, and
hereby ask for more information from anyone here on the TIG who saw
its latest incarnation at the show.

That Cinema Products thing, the CP TeleScaner (tm). Pin register at
0-60 fps. Basically a projector/camera like the Sony but using
mechanical pins instead of an electronic system. Uses one of the
varations of the Sony variable color lamphouse and a Sony HiDef
camera. Saw it pin at 24 fps and it seemed to work. Like the Sony
x,y,z positoning is somewhat limited compared to a full telecine. Will
shuttle film at up to 600 fpm for ffw/rwd.  Quoting their brochure
"Introducing the future of film transfer". I guess that remains to be


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