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Re: CP TeleScanner

   Hello Rob,

  You wrote....

> The anonymous NAB ventilation page
> (http://www.alegria.com/tig3/anonNAB.html) contains a paragraph
> about the Cinema Products 'CP TeleScanner'.  I'll reprint it here,
> and hereby ask for more information from anyone here on the TIG who
> saw its latest incarnation at the show.
  I just happened to be walking by and saw the machine at the 
Cinema Products booth.   It is somewhat interesting with the supply 
reel on top and take up on bottom with an optical system in the 
middle projecting into a Sony Hi Def video camera,  the HDC-750.
The light source is made by Sony and uses color additive light to 
color correct the image before the camera.    The salesman said the 
the lamphouse is the same as used on the Sony telecine.   It also has 
a pin reg intermittent movement while transfering,  plays at 24, 30, 
or 60 fps,  and has a downconverter in the camera to make 525 copies 
from Hi Def.   I don't know if any of the various color corrector 
companies support it yet,  or even know it exists,  but  I would 
imagine that someone will eventually build an interface to it.  I 
believe it only transfers 35mm and I don't know if it can change neg 
images to positive.  If it can,  it certainly is an interesting 
camera or else there are some downstream electronics.   The 
positioning is mechanical as the camera is on a movable mount that 
allows X, Y, and  Z motion.   I'm not sure yet if it's the "Future 
of Film Transfer"  but it was at least making an OK picture and 
moving film.    

  BTW,  It was nice to finally meet you in person Rob.  I was hoping 
to buy  you a beer later but never did locate you afterward in the 
crowd.   I'm glad Dave Corbitt got the award;  he's certainly given a 
lot to the telecine business over the years.  I ran into him the next 
day at the Philips booth and he said how much it meant to him.  As 
unbelievable as it sounds,  he said he's never gotten an award for 
anything since he's been in the business!   
   Please feel free to post the above to the group.   
  Thanks Rob,
   Yours Truly,      
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
tel  404-875-5403  fax 404-875-4908

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