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Re: Sony Telecine

<< So, please, for those of us who couldn't attend NAB, please tell us all
about the new Sony telecine.  >>

Hi Group,

I have to say the Sony folks finally did it: they impressed me!  Last year's
"paper telecine" is well along the way now.  The stabilization system was
working, as was the servo drive.  There are four sprockets on it--two outer
continuous motion ones, and two inner intermittent motion ones, which serve to
hold the film at the proper tension so the electro-optical registration system
can operate on each frame.  They have a very clever system of retractable film
keeper pins over the sprockets, making it easy to thread the machine without
fussing with projector-style keepers. 

The video was a bit noisy, but the machine at the show was an engineering
prototype, so that can be forgiven.  Presumably that will be taken care of,
along with a few other "rough edges" before Sony Electronics puts the machine
on sale, which they expect to do early next year.  They took pains to indicate
that this is will be a regular commercial product of Sony Electronics; the
previous machines in Culver City were made by Sony Pictures, an entirely
different division, and Cinema Products is building a commercial version of
those units.

Sony indicated that the machine will have both optical and DVE (electronic)
effects, and will produce both HDTV and SDTV outputs simultaneously.  They
also spoke of fitting it with higher resolution (2K) sensors, and it appears
that these will be full bandwidth RGB.  No price was given, of course, but it
was hinted that the target price will be less than either C-Reality or Spirit.

While it appears that this telecine is aimed at long-format work, I think it
has the potential to be a great all-purpose machine.  Definitely a telecine to
keep an eye on!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

(Not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer.)

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