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Los Angeles STE_Thursday

TO all in the Los Angeles Area:

This Thursday (April 16, 1998) at the STE (Society of Television
Engineers) monthly meeting Cintel will present a technical program on
the C-Reality telecine.

Brad Hunt, David Hurst, Craig Risebury and Sam Alexander of Cintel will
be present and make the presentation and answer all your questions.
After NAB and the look see that everyone had, I am sure that are many
more comments and questions than we have seen on the TIG.

All are welcome for the dinner and meeting or the presentation only.
No charge for the meeting/presentation

Social (Drinking) at 6:00pm
Dinner at 6:50pm  $25.00 with Reservations..Includes Dinner with Wine
Presentation at 8:00pm  No Charge

For dinner reservations: Call or FAX George Hamilton Phone:818-840-3607
						      FAX: 818-840-3246
Place is:  The Castaways Restaurant
		Mountain View Room
		1250 Harvard Road
		Burbank, CA 91501
Call the Restaurant if you need directions.  Hope to see alot of TIG
readers there.

Regards, Bill

Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprocketdig.com	v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital	Burbank,CA		f.818-566-4477

Thanks to Howie Burch/Nice Shoes for supporting the TIG in 1998..
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