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Hi There.

After the heated Spirit/C-Reality discussion pre-NAB I'm suprised about
the fact that little has been posted on this subject now that so many 
have seen both products for real. We did not get in to see the C-Reality
demo, but would really appreciate if people who did could relay their
impressions. Cintel predicted between 24 and 36 sales at NAB. Who bought
these machines? Does the 2K output look good? Is it superior to the
Diamond at TV res?

Also, there are consistent rumors that Cintel is abandoning their Colour
Correction system (they come from people close to the two other major CC
manufacturers, so we don't really belive this). Can this be true?

As we are considering a second system in 6 months time I'd be very happy
to get any info. Also if anyone knows of the plans Sony has for the 2K
res. option bit-depth, formats and output types. We found the SONY
machine quite promising but failed to get any direct info on this
subject at the demo.  


The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

"Disclaimer: Not in any way associated with ANY manufacturers"

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