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Re: C-reality/Spirit.

In a message dated 98-04-16 23:38:04 EDT, Kris wrote:

<< We did not get in to see the C-Reality demo, but would really appreciate if
people who did could relay their impressions. Cintel predicted between 24 and
36 sales at NAB. Who bought these machines? Does the 2K output look good? Is
it superior to the Diamond at TV res? >>

My personal impression of the C-Reality last year was that it represents a lot
of great ideas, but getting them into practice in one years' time might be a
herculean task.  So I wasn't surprised this year that the machines appeared to
be very close to fruition, but still needs to be "bugged out" just a bit
further--perhaps a couple or a few more months' work?  They only showed HDTV
and SDTV versions of C-Reality, no 2K.  But they've said all along that the
data outputs would not be implemented until later this summer, so that's not
news.  Cintel claimed 11 sales at NAB, but would not divulge the names of the

<< Also, there are consistent rumors that Cintel is abandoning their Colour
Correction system (they come from people close to the two other major CC
manufacturers, so we don't really belive this). Can this be true? >>

A lot of people at the show questioned why Cintel doesn't just concentrate on
telecines, and forget about color correctors.  I for one think they have a
wonderful idea: it doesn't cost a lot more in silicon to perform color
correction right in the same electronics that already have to be in the
machine to do the video processing.  Not only is it a downright practical
thing to do, it's far more economical than buying and interfacing separate
color correctors--particularly when you get to the 2K level.  

From what I saw, the CC control panels might have turned some people off (they
were vaguely reminiscent of an early Pogle), but the beauty of Cintel's
approach is that they've made the color correction protocol available, so any
manufacturer's panels could, in theory, be interfaced to the C-Reality's
internal color corrector.  I did not hear any rumors anywhere that Cintel was
going to dump their color corrector, and quite frankly, I hope they don't.  

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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