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Re: June DTV/MPEG Course in LA

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Subject: June DTV/MPEG Course in LA

>I understand that there is going to be a digital television course or
>seminar of some sort in LA during the June time frame.   Does anyone know
>the details?

Yes it came about shortly before NAB why you may not have heard about it
before. Its the 1+2 day Digital TV MPEG course/seminar by John Watkinson.
Very enlightening,  in depth on the fundamentals of MPEG plus an
introductory day on digital video. Dont be lured by the simplistic name,
itīs as focused as the MPEG days and neither are boring by any standards!
It will be held in the Hollywood/Burbank area on June 16-18 where the first
day is that voluntary DTV day.
Detailed content on weblink in signature below, Mary Zaller is able to
answer everything else at MZMP at aol.com or phone 216-321-8852.

We are thinking of doing an MPEG test and measurement workshop as a follow
up on the theory of DTV/MPEG, any one interested? It is non-trivial to do as
it invariably involves the use of manufacturers equipment and our
impartiality may thus be questioned if someone is left out.
Guess I should not say more on this forum.

Last but not least, a heartfeldt thanks to the TIG party organisers/sponsors
for a very much enjoyed party! That succulent roasted pork was fabulous and
only superseeded by the ambience of the evening.

rgds/mike reichel

Thanks to Bob Buckner & Dwaine Maggart for supporting the TIG in 1998..
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