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Re: Using filters

On Apr 22,  2:41am, Bill Hogan wrote:

> Kevin Shaw Replied:
>  I believe auto aligning with any ND will offer the same benefits.
>  Kevin and others:
>  Does this mean that you limit the range of the telecine (or expand the
>  range) by how you align the URSA?  How can this be?  Bad Software? or
> an undocumented "feature"..  Any comment from Cintel?

When you autoalign the telecine will set PEC gains as well as autoshading. If
you have an ND filter in during the autoalign the telecine will increase the
gain on the PECs to match the light output they receive from the CRT (now
reduced by the ND filter). An earlier comment noted that it made it appear as
if a poorly exposed film was better after this process - actually you can
accomlish the same thing by just turning up the PEC gain but doing an autoalign
with an ND filter might center the control range better for the colorist if
they have film which is very poorly exposed.

Rich Torpey

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