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historic video editing reference

ran across a very interesting webpage presenting a museum and history
of video editing techniques:


there in all its glory is the Editec MkI Control Panel, with which I
became very familiar as an editor in the 1970's in Edit Bay 1 at
Unitel NYC.  (Later on when tapes with time code started to come in,
we had to erase the code on tapes that I'd be re-editing, so Editec
could record and read its cue beeps :].)  Some of the tactile
sensations that will never leave me: in preroll, arming the record
function of the Ampex 2000 editor, sometimes two seconds before the
edit and required manual switcher dissolve, as a reluctant machine
might take a few extra seconds to lock up...  the "thusssnnnk" sound
of the RCA TR600's transport controls, particularly the double red
record buttons, working on a studio shoot, anticipating the video
engineer's call for 'roll and record'... logging a Hal Tulchin shoot
assiduously, endearing myself to Art Dome, who gave me my first break
in post production.

Anybody in NYC know where Art is now?
...apologies for going off the deep nostalgic end this evening.

--Rob Lingelbach  
Senior Colorist, POP Santa Monica CA.

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