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We are very grateful to Christopher Bacon for his positive comments on
C-Reality at NAB.  Let us be honest about it:  Cintel did not have a great
NAB, BUT we did achieve our commitment to having the two C-Realities
available for you all to fault-find.

The simple truth is that C-Reality is an incredibly complicated piece of
equipment - probably the most complex ever developed for the market - which
is very nearly ready for delivery.  We are aware of the shortcomings in the
prototype boards that produced less than stunning HD performance.  There
are no technological hurdles to overcome to make C-Reality produce
outstanding HDTV images.

Chris reported rumours that we are "abandoning" the colour vector processor
which is built in to C-Reality.  This is not true, although we are
responding to requests from our prospective customers to work more closely
with da Vinci and Pandora.  We are doing that as a matter of urgency.  If
perhaps we have not appeared responsive in the past, please believe me when
I say that we will be in the future.

I would also like to correct one false impression.  The first production
machines to be delivered  will include 2k as well as 525/625.  2k was
demonstrable on the standard definition C-Reality at NAB, but switching
between the two standards was a bit less elegant than we want.  If it was
not being demonstrated when you were around Christopher, I apologise.  What
will not be deliverable until the fall is the HDTV option.

I appreciate that I am straying dangerously close to marketing messages and
I certainly do not want to breach Rob's guidelines.  I am placing a more
detailed explanation of our development programme for C-Reality on the
telecine-announce forum.

Adrian Rees
Cintel Managing Director

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