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Seeing C-Reality

Hello Fellow Tig'ers,
  As one of the few colorists who have actually xfered film
on the C-Reality, over a span of 5 days. I feel it's my responsibility
to the TIG members who couldn't make it to NAB to put in my
two cents.
  First of all I'm amazed at how polite the TIG has been as I truly
expected lots of blood and ripped out throats.
  I first approached the C-Reality with the anticipation of a kid
going to the toy store. And I, like other colorists who went to the
show, was absolutely crushed when I saw the images coming off
the High Def demo machine. (there were 2 C-reality demos, 1 for
high def, 1 for 525 and 2K) There were missing bits in the picture
and worst of all the was no shading, so color wouldn't track and it
was alot work to get decent pictures. Cintel was very clear that it
was a prototype and it was still in development, namely the frame
store was not there yet. But I, like so many other colorists I know
or met, hoped for so much more.
  That first night Brad Hunt, Cintels new CEO,asked me what I thought
and I was a bit pissed so I told him. I mentioned the above and I how
I could make the Hue-fx controller crash at will. And how some people
will not be interested in a Cintel controller. But here's the thing. He
actually listened.
  Cintel began to address the issues at the show. After a couple days
on the Hue-fx I couldn't make it crash no matter how hard I tried. 
The Hue-fx still has a ways to go but I thought it was a decent controller.
They've really got some good innovations going and when it's all
ironed out, it will be first class. But Mr. Hunt assured me, their first
priority will be to enable other manufacturers to control C-Reality, then
they'll continue work on the Hue-fx.
  The 525 demo machine was a pretty nice machine. There were some
times we weren't auto aligned properly and the pictures looked pretty
rough but I xfered some stuff that looked pretty darn good. I really
liked the range of the color grade and the depth and resolution. It
still has a way to go but this machine is going to be hot!
  Unfortunately 525 isn't the gig. The Spirit looks good today and works
out in the field. Thank God for Phillips to be there to give Cintel a
kick in the pants. Cintel has a way to go yet but this competition
is good for all of us who work on the equipment for a living.
  As a disclaimer, Cintel may pay me to demo at NAB but they
aren't paying me to rag on them now. I consider myself an
interested colorist not an employee of Cintel.

Rich Montez- Colorist

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