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Re: CML: SMALL PRINT and quoting

On Apr 28, 10:03, Geoff Boyle wrote:
} Subject: CML: SMALL PRINT and quoting

> I'm looking at the options of sender, reply to etc
> I sort TIG out from the rest by filtering anything with a To:
> telecine at alegria.com line in it.
> Agent really is the best mail handling system I've come across for Wintel
> machines.

bravo to Agent for offering extensive filtering capabilities.  It
sounds like it approaches the flexibility of some Unix MUA's.

Geoff, I know I've mentioned this before, but the issues are clearly
spelled out at http://garcon.unicom.com/FAQ/reply-to-harmful.html
--see especially the 'Principle of Least Work' section.

The reasons the TIG mailinglist doesn't have "TIG" entered into the
Subject: header are: 1) the TIG archives are updated and threaded with
each message, and having the same string in every Subject: header
biases the threading unpredictably; 2) the wanted effect, sorting on
the Subject: at the client end, is much better accomplished by the MUA
(mail user agent), and many of the headers exist for that purpose.  In
particular, the TIG has 'X-group', 'X-URL', 'To', and various
'Resent-' headers, all of which can be used for filtration, by a
well-written MUA.  However, so as not to be too purist about it, I'm
investigating ways to use 'TIG' in the Subject: header and strip it
before archiving, though in some cases one may *not* want to do that
(e.g. where a subscriber inserts 'TIG' into the Subject: her/himself)


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