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Thanks, Jack

When Newt Bellis (then at Unitel Hollywood) approached me to try to convince
Jack Calaway to make more AVRS telecine editors, Jack instead urged me to
propose a whole new design, then told me about all the traps he had run up
against (like fixed edit timing burned into eproms) in the AVRS design.  His
reluctance to continue AVRS directly resulted in the development of the TLC
editor, for which I remain very grateful.  Thanks for encouraging me on a
fresh start, Jack.  It turned out to be a major tuning point in my life, and
my affiliation with the telecine community over the succeeding decade was
quite a wild ride, indeed.

I have thanked Jack personally for this in the past, but wish to do so in
public.  He is one of those peole who doesn't seek credit, but the industry
owes him a lot.


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