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new subject format

Two years ago, due to popular demand, I put [TIG] in the Subject:
header for all TIG mailinglist mail.  It was a short-lived experiment
because the fairly complicated archiving structure on the webserver
misthreaded sparsely composed Subject: mails by keying on the [TIG].
I worked with sed (the Unix stream editor) to strip out the [TIG]
before archiving but it wasn't easy to preserve such things as the
'Re:' reply flags, etc.

The [TIG] tag on Subject: was requested as a way for subscribers to
identify, quickly, mail from the TIG.  My position (somewhat purist)
has been that there are many headers one can use to sort mail, and TIG
mail has several-- various Resent-, X-group, X-URL, etc. with which to
sort.  The client mail user agent (MUA) should have the capability to
sort on any header... in the real world, I guess there are a lot of
weak MUA's out there..

Anyway, I'm trying again, with a more intricate sed script to strip
out the [TIG] from archived mails, so to keep the archives threaded
with integrity.  

we'll see how it goes...

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