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Re: Help! aspect ratio conversion with vitc

>Does anyone on this group have any experience with converting 16x9 525
>to letterbox with the 3 line vitc read to create windows in the black.
>An aspect ratio convertor (16x9 525-letterbox) that passes the vertical
>interval uneffected would probably solve my current problem, so any help
>finding one of those would also be helpful. Thanks in advance for any

Saw a couple at NAB. Snell & Wilcox makes a great looking unit, but I don't
have the details on it around that I can find. Call them at 408/260-1000
for details. Also saw a unit from Axon called the Arc 2000. Contact them at
888/919-9379 or 212/265-6865. Please keep us advised as this is a good
question that I never asked.

-Michael Walker
Hollywood Digital

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