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Some Queries About DVNR


I'm a writer that is currently doing a piece on DVNR and it's usage in
cartoons.  I turned to this group in hopes of getting some help from very
knowledgable people in the field.  Any help would be greatly appreciated
and can be either posted to TIG or emailed to junyer at concentric.net

I was hoping to get a small explanation of how DVNR works in terms that
readers without much knowledge of technical terms could understand.  The
article is being written for artists and not technical folk so I can't make
it too academic. Secondly, I was hoping somebody could maybe provide some
info. as to why DVNR occassionally messes up cartoons - can this be
attributed to the process itself or the editors who work with the
technology or some other factors?  I have some examples set up on a page as
examples of what DVNR does and it would be a tremendous help if people
famaliar with the process could give it a look and help me out. I'll give
the site address to anybody that wishes to help me on this.

I will be sure to give credit to the people who's information I use in the
article if desired. Thank you once again for all your help as this is
extremely appreciated.

Amid Amidi
junyer at concentric.net
Animation and Cartoon Heaven

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