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Re: Accuglow


   Graham Collett wrote....

>. Does anyone have experience with using accuglow on a
> MKIII. How is it?
  I installed the Accuglow kit on our TurboII telecine about two 
months ago and like it very much.   It's not too difficult to put in 
and it works very well.  The kit comes with new afterglow amps, burn 
board,  waveform generator board, and two shading cards.   When 
installed, the normal burn, shading, and afterglow adjustments work 
much better than the stock boards.  You can adjust the new afterglow 
boards to achieve almost perfect afterglow alignment. The boards also 
have aperture circuitry that if used in small amounts results in a 
very nice picture.  Burn and shading adjustments also work very well 
and there seems to be a noticeable reduction in general machine noise. 
   The reason we decided to buy the Accuglow was to improve the 
run-stop  level difference and other slight burn-shading related 
artifacts.  All these problems were resolved when we installed the 
kit and the general improvement in the machine was well worth the 

  Of course I am not paid  for any of my comments...just a satisfied 

  Yours Truly,
David Warner  
Filmgroup at Crawford Communications
tel  404-875-5403  fax 404-875-4908

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