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Aaton Code - dailies

We have a client that wants to use Aaton code 16mm on a project.  The 
camera they will be using has a camera assist unit attached to it.  
What they want to do is to be able to record the audio / Aaton code 
and the camera assist output and use this video to input into their 
Avid.  This will give them instant daily tapes and not have to wait 
for the daily transfers.  The daily film transfers will only be for the video finish.

We know that a few thing need to be met
- enough timecode roll up before action is called
- video assist output is one frame delayed or advanced
- master tape timecode (Aaton code) will have timecode breaks
- camera speed needs to be 23.97
- audio rate need to be 29.97

Has anyone had any experience in doing a project using this method.  
Are there disadvantages to this procedure that we are not aware of.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Yours !!!

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