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Re: Aaton Code - dailies

<<Has anyone had any experience in doing a project using this method. >>

I have one client that uses the system in this manner.  The process still
bothers me because it can lead to problems if everyone involved isn't
extremely careful.  

So, you save a little time and money upfront--but what if you decide down the
road that your project has been so successful that you now wish to pull
negative from your dailies and your edit?  Because the colorist was/is forced
to deal with non-continuous time code at the camera stops, pick-up edits are
difficult and likely to violate the 3:2 sequence.   The average conformer
won't touch the project with a ten-foot pole.

Fine, you insist that you absolutely will not ever pull negative for the
project--but what about the many duplicate time code numbers that end in your
project because you jammed time of day, and started shooting promptly at the
same time every day? 

For me, this is strictly a "back door" use of the system and should be
avoided--something like driving your car backwards as a way of keeping the
mileage down on your odometer.  

Jim Erickson, colorist, Colorlab  

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