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I was very fascinated to read your response to the gentleman enquiring
about DVNR. I regret to have to tell you that during the many years I
have been collecting laserdiscs I have found DVNR to be overused on most
of the titles that I own since it's introduction several years ago. Most
of the victims seem to be older titles. The obsession that exists today
to get a perfectly clean image has inadvertantly boomeranged on a lot of
the titles. All of the subtle light reflections that the cinematographer
has painstakingly introduced are being eaten away at by this dreaded
system. I can handle a little film dirt if it means that those light
reflections stay stable. 
I would like to mention that I do not wish to offend the members of this
group but to merely make it known exactly what is happening out there.
Also I am under the impression that there is a possibility that
excessive amounts of DVNR are being introduced into submasters, once it
is out of reach of the colorist. If this is so, is there any way this
link in the chain can be monitored more closely?
A couple of examples of films ruined by DVNR are "DAY THE EARTH STOOD
STILL", the titles to "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" is a good demonstration. The
'pulsating' credits have to be seen to be believed. The list is very
long, and the problem is not going away.
My plea to all Telecine Colorists is please think about this post when
you are next faced with a problem and you have to use it.
I have written to the Laserdisc and the film technical newsgroups and I
can't seem to arouse any interest, nobody seems to care. I hope that
will change.
              Regards, Benny Newman.

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