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RE: Aaton Code - dailies

>>What they want to do is to be able to record the audio / Aaton code 
>>and the camera assist output and use this video to input into their 
>>Avid.  <<

>Case Dominic on 5/11/98 1:47 AM wrote:

>Don't forget your editor won't be seeing what's on the film. Fogged,
>under-exposed or scratched neg won't be detected until the daily
>transfers are checked. 

Forget the editor, what about the DP? Doesn't he want to see dailies?

As a sound mixer and studio owner, I see nothing but potential for 
problems. I've deleted the original post, but I think I remember the 
gist. If budget is such an issue, then the kind of people who have enough 
experience to really make this happen in a money saving way are probably 
not going to be involved. There isn't going to be someone to blame on 
this except for the accountant.

>As for the technique itself, it sounds OK as long as everything is kept
>simple (!) and the obvious problems are addressed. There are variations
>in the ways different software resolves the DF/NDF and 3:2 pulldown
>conflicts. The people who have a clear understanding of exactly how
>every timecode conversion and correction should work are few and far

It can theoretically be done, but you had better make triple sure that 
the sound mixer, audio post facility, editing facility, transfer 
facility, et al REALLY have the know how to make this happen _together_  
because that's what it will take. Don't let them all say, "yeah, we can 
do that." as they reach for a bookshelf full of manuals.


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