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2K work with Spirit

Geoff writes:-
>>As I've said before I find the idea of having the creative control of the
image that TK gives me for TV available for cinema almost enough of an
incentive to stop making commercials for a while and join the film
industry :-)<<

Given that a film grader will grade a feature film in a day or two, all
within the cost of the answer print, and that I watch TVC telecine
sessions with a committee agonising for ten minutes over the colour
nuances of each shot. Here's my question:-

How long would you expect to spend, and at what expense (ignoring for
the time being the considerable cost of transfer and digital-to-film
recording at the end of the process), on the video-like grading of a
full -length feature film?  And who would supervise this process? The
DoP? still around at the end of post production? 

  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia

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