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RE: 2K work with Spirit

	>>I'd expect to take around 50 hours, however, this time could
be spent at a
	>>lower rez and the copies for approval would be made at this

	>>Once this approval was obtained output would be at Hi-rez to

	>>I'd expect it to cost around the current price of $750 per
hour but I'd
	>>expect a considerable discount for that length of booking :-)

	The concept of "offline" vs. "online" in color correction is
intriguing, but I really don't think it's all that practical. What you
see on a CRT is not really what you get on a projection print. No matter
what accommodations are made for gamma and color corrected monitoring,
the impact of a picture on a large screen is considerably different from
that of a small screen. If you were projecting electronically, this
would be more of a direct correlation. But consider the differences in
color between what you see on a Hazeltine vs. your answer prints.
Multiple answer print passes would still need to be made. And if the
voluminous amounts of data had to be re-output to film each time, well,
you might as well be timing on film, except for those scenes that might
require some special treatment. I really think that for the foreseeable
future, the concept of electronic color correction for film should
remain in the area of effects material, although the definition of what
is an effect shot could be extended to those that require unique color

	Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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